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Islamic fashion terms


Abaya - An abaya is a loose-fitting garment that can be worn open or closed and comes in many different designs, from plain styles to decorated with colored embroidery or sequins.

Burqa - A burqa is a type of veil that completely covers the woman's body from head to toe, including the eyes with a mesh material.

Cape - The cape is a sleeveless garment with slits for the arms to come out without being covered by a traditional sleeve. A cape can be worn over other garments and is sometimes embellished or has delicate details from shoulder to toe.

Closed abaya - A closed abaya is a type of abaya with no opening in the front meaning the inner or midi dress worn underneath is not visible. Belts can be added to the abaya as an accessory to create shape within the design.

Farasha - A farasha is a style of abaya with butterfly sleeves and flowy fabric. It is a perfect clothing option for a special occasion, especially if you opt for a luxurious embellished piece.

Hijab - A hijab is a piece of fabric that is worn to cover the hair and can be styled in many ways.

Inner Slip - A slip is often a plain dress in neutral or dark colors that can be worn under other garments such as an abaya, cape, jilbab, or farasha.

Jilbab - The jilbab refers to a specific style of cloak, which is loose fitting and covers the head and entire body.

Kimono - A kimono is a type of open jacket abaya, worn over an inner dress and is usually loose with wide sleeves and can be tied around the waist with a belt.

Midi dress - A midi dress is a piece of clothing that hits just below the knee, fastens at the front and is often worn over trousers.

Niqab - A niqab is a facial veil and can leave the eyes covered or uncovered depending on how a woman chooses to wear it. It is worn with a headscarf and tied behind the head.

Open abaya - The open abaya is similar to a loose-fitting jacket/kimono, which can be worn over a slip dress, or layered outfit to achieve a modest look. It can be supplemented with straps.

Turban - A turban is a more modern style of hijab with a long piece of scarf, which is wrapped around a woman's head. A traditional hijab covers the neck and chest while a turban may not depend on how it is styled.


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