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What is Modest Fashion?


There are quite a few misunderstandings about what modest fashion is. Is it religious or not? Is it for everyone or not? Because living in uncertainties is not necessary for anything, we explain the concept on the basis of sources. In any case, you will be well prepared during an upcoming discussion on the subject.

Modest fashion, why are we talking about it?

First, because the numbers are interesting. Searches for "modest fashion" have risen 500 percent since the beginning of this year, according to Pinterest UK, and the industry is now estimated to be worth $44 billion.

Interesting, but we were going to talk about fashion. What is modest fashion?

There is a tinge of mystery surrounding the term 'modest fashion'. There is no unambiguous definition. Although the way of dressing was born in religious circles such as the Christian, Jewish and Islamist communities, there is a wider diverse group of women who are attracted to more modest fashions. It is fashion for every woman who wants to show less skin. What is modest is explained in different ways. The length of the sleeves and skirt or pants differs per woman. Everyone agrees that the clothing falls looser around the body, the fabrics are not translucent and the body is largely covered.

Which major brands are participating?

At the Modest Fashion Forum in Antwerp, the Spanish high street chains Mango and Zara appeared to be doing well. The former even launched a modest-friendly collection of tunics, kaftans and maxi dresses. Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Uniqlo and H&M also all stepped in, in the modest fashion fashion, specifically aimed at the Muslim woman.

It is not very complicated for a retailer to serve the modest woman, according to the speakers at the Modest Fashion Forum. As we wrote earlier, only minor adjustments need to be made in length and use of materials. Enough luxury fashion houses, such as Max Mara, Albus Lumen, Prada, The Row and Dries Van Noten, have a wide range of modest fashion in their collections without labeling it as such. According to the speakers at the Modest Fashion Forum in Antwerp, that is the future for modest fashion: it must be removed from the exclusive atmosphere.

That is exactly the goal of The Modist, a fairly new e-tailer based in London and Dubai that specializes in the supply of luxury modest fashion. With a range of 180 brands they serve the modest woman worldwide. The Modist offers luxury fashion to women of all ages, of different religions, cultures and ethnicities.

What's the hype?

Cultural and religious reasons may underlie modest fashion, but this is no longer why modest fashion has so many followers worldwide. Thanks to recent developments surrounding #Me-Too, a more veiled fashion is being embraced by all kinds of women who find empowerment in wearing more fabric. They can relate to an aesthetic that is not designed to cater to the male gaze.

Despite the fact that modest fashion fits into the current era, it is not fair to speak of a hype, a trend. Modest fashion is not a niche market, but a multi-billion dollar industry, powered by a large group of young women who want to dress according to their beliefs, but refuse to compromise on style.


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