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IFDC - Islamic Fashion Design Council


Slamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC)

IFDC is a platform set up for humble and covert fashion and design industry (including art, technology, architecture, etc.) and all its stakeholders. As the only global organization to provide comprehensive support and opportunities to this trillion dollar industry, IFDC offers growth potential to this market with its global initiatives and offices in more than 10 countries.


Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) is the world's leading modest fashion and design council representing the Islamic economy and its stakeholders. With representatives and operations in most leading countries, IFDC is a leading advocate of humble fashion and design professionals (art, architecture, interior, lifestyle, etc.), industry professionals and talent, has a range of products, services and effective training programs for all levels. Our platform is designed to ensure the success of modest fashion and design in the global marketplace as we help the retailers and industry players access its huge growth potential.

IFDC joins leading and emerging mainstream and modest fashion and design brands, influencers, government organizations, institutions, companies, media, global conferences, events and fashion weeks to ensure a powerful, sustainable and supportive presence.

IFDC's current initiatives include collaborations on iFash™ courses at French fashion design school, Esmod, IFDC's Pop-Up Design Schools, multi-city fashion weeks, IFDC's stylish Cover Magazine, the revolutionary Pret-A-Cover™ Buyers Lane retail program and event designed to build collective success for brands and retail partners, research reports and focus groups, IFDC's BOMFD and marquis events for all industry players and consumers. IFDC builds on its vision to provide products and services designed to help the humble fashion and design industry thrive.

Islamic fashion is driven by a strong demand for clothing, defined within the parameters of modesty by the growing global consumer population based on modest values. The global Islamic fashion industry enjoys a strong trading base and deep commitment from a primarily growing Muslim population whose youth is growing twice as fast as any other population than a strong non-Muslim/other religions submarket whose appreciation for modest wear makes this industry billions of dollars dollars an exciting space for all businesses to achieve unparalleled commercial success!

Islamic Design & Arts encompasses a wide variety of artifacts, including pottery, glass, paintings, calligraphy, carpets, architecture, interiors, embroidery, gadgets, lifestyle products, and more. It is difficult to separate Islamic fashion and design, as the global consumer market has proven that their taste for one aesthetic leads to their hunger for the other; and the youth keeps the demand for well-designed products high. This industry is in dire need of analysis, research and data, and IFDC has set itself the goal of putting a stronger focus on this part of the overall industry. Which in our opinion could outperform many major industries around the world. We strive to exceed all standards of presentation, business practice, aesthetic excellence and general standards.


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