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The most beautiful abaya trends of 2020

Abayas are now following modern trends and many interesting abaya designs are coming out for 2020. So let's take a look at some of the latest abaya trends for 2020.

Velvet Abayas

The velvet abaya trend started last year and is still going strong in 2020. Many fashion bloggers have been wearing velvet abayas lately, including Mariam Mohammad. We have seen that these abayas come in many different designs. Some are open at the front and others feature different fabrics such as linen. Velvet abaya can work for both your afternoon and evening looks.

Two-Tone Abaya Trend

This is a more daring, but very interesting abaya trend that is also very popular among fashion bloggers. The two-tone trend has been popular for a while now and we're happy to see that it also looks gorgeous with abayas. We love how Fatma Husam styled them.

Wrap abayas

Wrap Abayas are also a great chic abaya style to have in your wardrobe in 2020. They are very simple but also very flattering because they accentuate the waist. They also feel comfortable and look effortless. They can be worn for morning and evening looks.

Abaya Trend with puff sleeves

We've all seen the puff sleeve trend everywhere by now and we can't get over how amazing these puff sleeve abayas look. It's a statement and a great one indeed. It also came in a few different designs, with the whole sleeve puffed or the lower end of the sleeve or the top.

Pleated Abaya Trend

When pleats dominated the fashion world and especially skirts, it was time to see pleats in abayas as well. It was a prominent choice for many fashion bloggers and a potentially very strong Abaya trend for 2020. They are also suitable for morning and evening looks, but the best part is that they can look so glamorous and chic when dressed up.

Waved Abaya Trend

This year the rugged Abayas really appealed to us because they can be so diverse. The ruffles vary and can be on the sleeves, the ends or the entire abaya. They can also come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so there are many options to choose from. Ruffled abaya are practical and you can wear them every day without getting bored.


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